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Symptoms of depersonalization disorder:

  • Feeling unreal

  • Feeling disconnected

  • Feeling confused

  • Feeling like your are in a dream

  • Feeling like you are looking through a glass window

  • Feeling like you watching yourself  (outer body experience)

  • Feeling like you can’t connect with other people

  • Feeling Depressed

  • Feeling like your limbs don’t belong to you

  • Feeling like you can’t control your thoughts or actions

  • Feeling like a robot

  • Hyper-awareness; cannot stop over-thinking or over-analyzing.

  • Feeling shame and sadness

  • Thoughts of death and the afterlife

  • Obsession with figuring out the purpose of life

  • Confusion between reality and fantasy

  • Feeling Numb, mentally and physically

  • Feeling dizzy in public places

  • Zoning out

  • Anxiety

  • Not recognizing your reflection in the mirror.

  • Shame

  • Fear of going outside to public places incase the DP kicks in.

  • Fear of going crazy of being mentally ill.

  • Fear of losing control

  • Feeling like an automaton, a sense of having no will or agency

  • Feeling like are on the outside watching your own mental thoughts

  • A strange feeling that you are not in control of your speech or actions

  • Feeling like you are detached from yourself

  • Hyperactive thoughts and behaviours

There are several causes for depersonalization disorder, all in the form of trauma with childhood trauma as a strong underlying common denominator. Most people who suffer with episodes of depersonalization may not even realize that they were exposed to childhood trauma, that’s because childhood trauma does not necessarily mean physical or sexual abuse, it also includes emotional abuse and emotional neglect. Another known cause of depersonalization is the use of street drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy. People who get depersonalization from using drugs think that there minds have been alters by the drugs and worry that they might have brain damage. This is untrue as depersonalization does not cause brain damage, it simply alters the way you see and think temporarily. So why do people experience depersonalization from smoking marijuana? Simply put, drugs are a stress on the brain, just like trauma is. The brain registers drugs are a stress, once the brain is stressed out it goes into depersonalization mode. This is why it is highly recommended that you stop doing drugs or drinking alcohol if you have experienced episodes of depersonalization.

Causes of Depersonalization Disorder:

  1. Psychological trauma (abuse, neglect or narcissistic abuse)
  2. Physical trauma (sexual abuse or domestic abuse)
  3. Physical trauma such as a car accident, airplane accident, freak accident, etc…
  4. Witnessing an accident, a murder, a suicide.
  5. The death of a loved one
  6. Using street drugs
  7. Childhood trauma
  8. Chronic Stress

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