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Feelings Of Unreality

Depersonalization is often described as feeling "unreal", disconnected from others and everything around you. A lot of ppl say they feel like they are looking through a glass window, or watching themselves in a dream like state. Victims say it is hard to connect and partake in everyday life because of these symptoms. It is one thing to have DP and [...]

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Unresolved Trauma & Depersonalization

What is Trauma?  A deeply distressing or disturbing experience. A personal trauma like the death of a child. Trauma is any one single event or reoccurring events that have caused mental, emotional and physical stress on the body. People who experience depersonalization usually suffer from PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder is the aftermath of suffering a stress. No, PTSD doesn't [...]

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Emotional Invalidation

Emotional Invalidation is when a person is rejected or judged for their feelings and personal experiences. This is a very serious but subtle form or emotional abuse. It can be especially distressful to someone who is sensitive by nature. Emotional Invalidation leads to suppression of feelings and rejection of the self, which in turn leads to feeling sad, scared and confused. People who were emotionally invalidated [...]

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