Depersonalization Recovery

Depersonalization Recovery

The recovery process to Depersonalization is quite simple believe it or not. The hardest part of the DP recovery is finding out what your core trauma is. The reason DP has happened to you in the first place is because for one reason or another your brain could not endure anymore psychological pain. Think of it a bandaid on your brain, it is there to protect you from anymore trauma. This is the way the human brain was built and its pretty remarkable if you think about it.

When people experience DP for the 1st time, they because very scared that they will stay in that “disconnect state” forever. I can reassure you 100% that you will not stay that way forever or even long at all. Once the brain has healed itself from the CORE trauma, it will feel safe to remove that bandaid and return back to its normal functioning.

The answer to recovery is not to get rid of the DP, because DP Is merely a symptom of something much bigger. You must get to the root cause of your trauma. 

Examples of Trauma

Childhood Abuse: ( emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) it can be in the form of getting hit, being neglected, verbally abused, unloved, abandoned, and denied. Children need to feel safe in their environment in order to flourish into health adults. If a child experienced any sort of trauma that was not resolved it will carry into their adult life and be the core issue of the majority of their problems.

Sexual Abuse/ Rape

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse or rape as a child or as an adult you must seek professional help to core with your trauma. Keeping it a secret and not telling anyone will cause damage to your psyche. As painful as those feelings / memories may be of your abuse you must find the courage to get help because once you heal the pain your DP will go away.

Car Accident, Airplane Accident, Terrorist Attacks

Surviving a car accident or an airplane accident can trigger DP this is because your brain goes into such shock that it cannot function properly until the trauma is dealt with. Many victims of car accidents and airplane accidents end up suffering with someone called “survivor’s guilt” – which is when the survivor feels enormous guilt and perceives themselves to have done wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not. This can be accompanied by DP symptoms as well. In order to move past the trauma of surviving an accident you must seek professional counselling, over time the DP will go away.

Emotional Invalidation, Narcissistic Abuse

Many people do not understand the damage a narcissist can do to another person. It is in fact serious trauma. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist or you have a parent who is a narcissist you could be a victim of their abuse. Narcissistic abuse can be so server that people who survive the trauma end up having PTSD. People who have narcissistic qualities tend to make their parterres suffer by emotionally invalidating them, this is a subtle yet very power type of emotional abuse. Prolonged exposure to emotional invalidation can lead to depression, anxiety, PTSD and depersonalization.


  1. Discover what your core trauma is
  2. Seek professional therapy to deal with your core trauma
  3. Read books and articles related to your core trauma
  4. Find a safe person (family or friend)  who you can share you trauma with
  5. Accept your depersonalization symptoms, do not fight them, be afraid or ashamed of them
  6. Know that depersonalization is a temporary symptoms of trauma
  7. Engage in activities that keep you busy, find a hobby do something physical that keeps your mind off your DP symptoms (play a sport or do some gardening )
  8. Surround yourself with positive people who love you and  won’t hurt you in any way
  9. Love yourself
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