Depersonalization Can Cause Social Anxiety

Depersonalization Can Cause Social Anxiety

The relationship between depersonalization and social anxiety.

Suffering from depersonalization has a whole slew of symptoms, and one of the least talked about it is the fear of being judged, this of course can lead to social withdrawal.

If you have never experienced depersonalization and this is your first episode, you may be confused, scared and ashamed of what is happening to you. Not know what is going on with your brain can lead you to conclude that you are going crazy, rest assured you are not, and this is only temporary.

Feeling Shame

Many people are so afraid of what is happening to them, they are ashamed to share their experience with friends or family and chose to keep it a secret. This leads to even more problems in the long run because not only are you experiencing depersonalization now you are keeping it a secret, one of the things that you may notice will start to happen is you will develop social anxiety.  You may start to avoid social events, seeing friends and family, opting to stay at home,  just in case your depersonalization kicks in.  Once you stop feeling shameful, and accept your depersonalization symptoms you will notice that your depersonalization isn’t so scary. You may even learn that someone else has the same symptoms as you. Most people will react with curiosity, they might ask more questions to make sure you are okay. It really helps to share your experience with depersonalization with someone close to you, a family member or a friend who won’t judge you. Sharing your experience with another person will allow you to let go of any shame, anxiety from hiding your depersonalization symptoms. The thing to keep in mind is that depersonalization is far more common than you might think and as scary as it seems, knowing that you’re not alone will help ease your anxiety.

Stop hiding from the world, depersonalization is just a symptom of trauma and stress, it’s not who you are!

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