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Depersonalization Cure / Recovery

Recovery is a process that consists of professional therapy and self help. This website is dedicated to helping you understand depersonalization and how to stop feeling depersonalized. Believe it or not thousands of people experience depersonalization everyday, that should make you feel better already knowing that you are not alone, and no you are not going crazy. Your brain however is exhausted and traumatized, this means you will need time to rest as part of your recovery process. Depersonalization is not permanent and can be treated & cured naturally.

1) Learn about depersonalization

2) Seek help from a professional therapist who can help you uncover your original trauma.

3) Do not feel shame or anxiety about your depersonalization.

4) Accept your Depersonalization as a symptom of either abuse or chronic stress.

5) Practice stress relief techniques, such as meditation, yoga, reading a book, or getting a massage.

6) Reach out to other people who have been affected by depersonalization and share your story or just talk openly about it. You can find people in forums, online community groups and Instagram.

7) Know that your DP is temporary and harmless- yes it is uncomfortable and scary, but its a mechanism designed to protect you. Know that you are safe and you’re not going crazy. Depersonalization is a symptom of stress and trauma, just like a cough is a symptom of a cold. You must treat the cold to get rid of the cough, just like you must treat the trauma to get rid of the depersonalization.

8) End relationships with toxic people; family, friends and spouses. Leave stressful environments whether that be where you live or where you work.

9) Read my book on what is my personal experience with depersonalization and how I cured it naturally. Click here to download it.