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Depersonalization Can Cause Social Anxiety

The relationship between depersonalization and social anxiety. Suffering from depersonalization has a whole slew of symptoms, and one of the least talked about it is the fear of being judged, this of course can lead to social withdrawal. If you have never experienced depersonalization and this is your first episode, you may be confused, scared and ashamed of what is [...]

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Why can’t I recognize myself in the mirror?

Why can't I recognize myself in the mirror? One of the most common symptoms of depersonalization and disassociation is a detachment from your own reflection in the mirror. Many people with depersonalization disorder say that they avoid looking in the mirror because their own reflection is so foreign that it frightens them. Why does this happen? Well, when humans get too stressed [...]

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Depersonalization Recovery

The recovery process to Depersonalization is quite simple believe it or not. The hardest part of the DP recovery is finding out what your core trauma is. The reason DP has happened to you in the first place is because for one reason or another your brain could not endure anymore psychological pain. Think of it a bandaid on your [...]

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How Long Does Depersonalization Last?

Depersonalization is a temporary way your brain deals with high levels of stress. Temporary can mean a an hour, a day, a month or a year. However long it lasts, it is always temporary and never last a lifetime. In most cases the depersonalization goes away once the person starts treatment for the root cause of the stress. Remember, depersonalization [...]

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Chronic Stress & Depersonalization

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety, panic attacks and even depersonalization. Why does this happen? Well when you are under chronic stress your brain does not have time to recover from the damage, this can cause depersonalization to happen. Many people think that depersonalization is triggered only by trauma such as sexual abuse, or a car accident, but in fact [...]

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Emotional Invalidation

Emotional Invalidation is when a person is rejected or judged for their feelings and personal experiences. This is a very serious but subtle form or emotional abuse. It can be especially distressful to someone who is sensitive by nature. Emotional Invalidation leads to suppression of feelings and rejection of the self, which in turn leads to feeling sad, scared and confused. People who were emotionally invalidated [...]

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Unresolved Trauma & Depersonalization

What is Trauma?  A deeply distressing or disturbing experience. A personal trauma like the death of a child. Trauma is any one single event or reoccurring events that have caused mental, emotional and physical stress on the body. People who experience depersonalization usually suffer from PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder is the aftermath of suffering a stress. No, PTSD doesn't [...]

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You’re Not Going Crazy!

Did you know that "feeling not real" is one of the most commonly googled symptoms? You are not alone, and you are not going crazy! The biggest concern people have when they experience depersonalization is that they are going to lose their mind or have schizophrenia, rest assured that you are not losing your mind! According to a study conducted by the [...]

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Feelings Of Unreality

Depersonalization is often described as feeling "unreal", disconnected from others and everything around you. A lot of ppl say they feel like they are looking through a glass window, or watching themselves in a dream like state. Victims say it is hard to connect and partake in everyday life because of these symptoms. It is one thing to have DP and [...]

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What Is Depersonalization?

Depersonalization is the feeling of being "unreal" or detached from one's body and surroundings. People who have been affected by depersonalization often say that they feel they have changed and that the world has become vague, dreamlike, less real, lacking in significance, and they feel robotic.  Depersonalization happens when one is under acute stress and suffering from anxiety. It is a coping mechanism [...]

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